What I’m doing now

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Most of my Masters (in Occupational and Organisational Psychology at the University of East London) is done now. I just have my dissertation to do. I’m looking into what motivates multipotentialites at work. The rest of the Masters has gone well. I’ve really enjoyed the practical elements, such as coaching and facilitation skills. The academic literature around positive psychology is fascinating too. I’d really like to use my coaching skills regularly; I’m thinking about joining the cross-Government coaching community that offers free coaching to civil servants. One thing I have realised is I don’t have the energy or the inclination to go through chartership to be an Occupational Psychologist. The Masters is enough for me!

I’ve been investing my time and attention in Precision Nutrition. It’s a yearlong coaching programme with workouts and nutrition habits. It’s focused on simple, sensible nutrition not fad diets. I feels like I’m developing solid nutrition habits that’ll last a lifetime. I highly recommend it.

We're back in the house now. Last year defintely felt like the year of the extension. We’ve not sorted everything out yet. There's still lots of decorating and clearing out to do. But I finally feel settled again.

Mum has an anerysm on 30 December. She’s still recovering. Speech is the biggest issue, but she is getting better week by week. I’m heading up to Manchester every two to three weeks to see her.

This page was updated on 9 February 2019.